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* [Gnomic Exploration Services] GNOMIC EXPLORATION SERVICES - Mineral Exploration Evaluation and Management:

- Exploration Geologists / Mine Geologists
- Exploration Field Technicians / Mine Samplers & Lab Workers
- Logistical Support / Administration Support
- Environmental Consultants
- Surveyors and DGPS
- Camp Cooks


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Other Companies With Web Sites :


    Other Consultants :

        * AMC Consultants
        *AMMTEL - Australian Metallurgical & Mineral Testing Consultants
        * Australian Mine Design & Development Pty Ltd
        * Aventurine
        * Barminco Pty Ltd
        * Belminco Pty Ltd
        * Clough Mining Services
        * Coffey Metago Environmental Engineers Pty Ltd
        * Coffey Partners International Pty Ltd
        * Continental Resource Management Pty Ltd
        * CSR - AWP Contractors
        * Dames & Moore Pty Ltd
        * DML Resources
        * Dunelabs Pty Ltd
        * ECS Mining Consultants
        * Eltin Ltd
        * Enviromet Operations Pty Ltd
        * Exa-Min Resource Industry Consultants
        * Faminco Mining Contractors
        * Fluor Daniel Simulation
        * Focus Engineering Pty Ltd
        * Global Mining Services
        * GME Systems Pty Ltd
        * GMMC
        * Gutteridge Haskins & Davey Pty Ltd
        * Highwall Mining Services
        * International Mining Consultants (Aust) Pty Ltd
        * JD Mining
        * John Miedecke and Partners Pty Ltd
        * J.R. Engineering Services Pty Ltd
        * Kathage Mining Consultants Pty Ltd
        * Kaiser Engineers Pty Ltd
        * KR Engineering Pty Ltd
        * Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd
        * Lynch Mining Pty Ltd
        * Maptek
        * Metech
        * Micro Planning International Pty Ltd
        * Mincom
        * Mine Map
        * Minecomp Pty. Ltd.
        * Minenco Pty Ltd
        * Minepro
        * Mining Geophysics Pty Ltd
        * Minproc Engineering
        * Normet Metallurgical Consultants
        * Occtech Engineering
        * Oretest Pty Ltd
        * Prospector Enterprises Pty Ltd
        * Resources Engineering Pty Ltd
        * Robinson Consulting
        * Roche Bros. Pty Ltd
        * Rockwater Pty Ltd
        * Rosengren Kevin & Associates Pty Ltd
        * Sci-Fleet (Qld) Engineering
        * Sedgman & Associates Pty Ltd
        * Select Mining Services Pty Ltd
        * Signet Engineering
        * Simon-Carves Australia
        * Soil & Rock Engineering Pty Ltd
        * Sinclair Knight Merz
        * Snowden Mining Industry Consultants Pty Ltd
        * SRK Consulting
        * The Centurion Industries Group
        * Thiess Contractors Pty Ltd
        * Wade Lester Consultants Pty Ltd
        * Warajau International Mining Services Pty Ltd
        * Wells Project Management Pty Ltd
        * Whelans
        * Whittle Programming Pty Ltd


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