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Other Drilling Contractors :

        * Alanjon Drill & Blast
        * Allways Drilling Pty Ltd
        * Apex Drilling
        * Aquadrill Pty Ltd
        * Australian Drill Support
        * Australian Mud Co.
        * Biddle Drilling
        * Bournedrill Pty Ltd
        * Bowman Australia Pty. Ltd.
        * Brandrill Limited
        * Brown Bros (N.Z.) Ltd
        * Bunbury Drilling Co.
        * Butchart Drilling
        * Centaur Drilling
        * Century Drilling Limited
        * Cobar Drilling Co Pty Ltd
        * Colby Drilling Company
        * Davlyn Contracting
        * Depco Drilling
        * Diamond Drilling Company, Inc.
        * Drillcorp Ltd
        * Drillex
        * Drilling Equipment (Aust) Pty. Ltd.
        * Drill Torque Qld
        * Drillwest
        * Glindemann & Kitching Pty Ltd
        * Grimwood Davies
        * Hoffman Drilling Pty Ltd
        * HyTech Drillers
        * Ingersoll-Rand (Aust) Ltd
        * International Drill Quip
        * Longreach Drilling & Exploration Services
        * Maxfield Drilling
        * McKay Drilling
        * Mundy Drilling Services
        * Northwest Drilling Pty Ltd
        * Northern Exploration Services
        * Nudrill Pty Ltd
        * ROWE Enterprises (Qld.) Pty Ltd
        * Redmond Drilling
        * RuddCo Drilling & Blasting Pty Ltd
        * Sanderson Drilling Contractors
        * Sandvik Rock Tools
        * Silver City Drilling
        * Stanley Mining
        * Vacuum Drilling Pty Ltd
        * Vacuum Mining
        * Wallis Drilling Pty Ltd
        * Western Deep Hole Drilling
        * Western Diamond Drillers
        * Zenith Drilling


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